Pixell - Super Manual-Guide:

You are just a humble pixel on a monitor someplace. Then, one
day, like so many pixels before you, you die. Before now, you
assumed dead pixels just sit on the monitor being annoying
and not displaying any colors or doing anything, but you are in
for a rude awakening as you discover that the souls of dead
pixels actually go someplace much worse: Pixell.

Luckily for you, however, you are part of some vague government
experiment, and thus are given a laser-lightning gun/cannon
thing. By shooting the laser-lightning gun/cannon, you are
able to instantly vaporize and teleport dead pixels in Pixell
back to Earth where they will be able to display colors on
screens some more. You must save as many pixels as you can.
Move Forward-----------W
Move Backward----------S
Slide Left-------------A
Slide Right------------D
NRG/Health Converter---Z
Toggle Map-------------V
Zoom In/Out of Map-----Equals/Minus (=/-)
The circle in the top-right corner of the screen is a map.
The green "slice" on the map represents your field of view, IE
everyhting that you can see in front of you. Enemy pixels in
your field of view are represented as light green dots.
You can zoom in or out of the map by pressing the Minus(-)
or Equals(=) keys.

The red bar in the bottom left corner of the screen
represents your health points. When the red bar is empty,
it's Game Over.

The blue bar in the bottom left corner of the screen
represents the energy left in you laser-lightning gun/cannon.
When you have little energy left, you can no longer fire, but
no worries, for the gun will slowly recharge itself. You can
convert this energy to health by pressing Z.
Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to Pixell has caused the pixels
there to become evil and radioactive and thus when they
discover that you are in Pixell to remove them, they have a
strong urge to destroy you.

Keep in Mind:
-Pixels realize that you aren't one of them once you fire your
laser-lightning gun/cannon, and immediately get rather angry.

-The closer pixels are to you when you fire, the angrier they

-Pixels don't have brains. They are stupid. Therefore, after
awhile they slowly forget about your presence and leave you
alone until the next time you fire.

-Calm, unsuspecting pixels are green. They move about slowly
and randomly and are harmless.

-Angry pixels are red. When pixels become angry, they also
start emmitting radiation, so when they are near you, you lose
health points. Angry pixels move quickly and are inclined to
move towards you.

-When pixels are destroyed, they explode and melt the rock
around them. It looks cool (and in the map in the corner of
the screen you can see the craters they leave).

-The first level has 16 pixels. Upon destroying all the pixels,
you advance to the next level. Each new level has 8 pixels more
than the last.

-Just as you enter a new level, all the pixels are in the various
pits in the ground, and then migrate out of them.

-Try to aim at pixels which are far away and angry as this is the
most efficient way to earn points.