"Because I don't want to be sued."

Please Note:
-Pixell has no warranty, whatsoever, not even the implied warranty of fitness for
a particular purpose.
I'm not sure if there's any legal need for me to say that
because I'm not selling Pixell, but assume that there is.

-Pixell is a "Beta" program which may be subject to errors and/or malfunctions.

-The creator of Pixell denies any responsiblilty for any damage to your system
or other systems caused by running Pixell. By "system" I mean anything and everything
computer-related in any way, whatsoever.

-Pixell is a fast-paced game: do not play Pixell if you are prone to seizures
or could otherwise be effected

-It is not recommended that you use your real name when submitting a high score.
Keep in mind:
-Pixell uses quite a bit of RAM, so make sure you have at least 128 MB of it free
as this will reduce the possibility of Pixell or your browser crashing.

-You should not run more than 1 instance of Pixell at one time. It is suggested that you
close the window with the Pixell applet in it upon finishing playing.